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African American Celebrations and Holiday Traditions Hardcover
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In African American Holiday Traditions, lifestyle authority Antoinette Broussard brings together her personal style for presenting food, home decor, and entertaining with recollections of famous African-Americans. More than fifty distinguished actresses, writers, public servants, entrepreneurs, educators, and artists contribute memories of family holiday traditions and some of their favorite holiday recipes. Among those included are actresses Kimberly Elise and Irma P. Hall, songstylist Nancy Wilson, Father Jay Matthews, journalist Belva Davis, Pauletta and Denzel Washington, attorney Leola "Roscoe" Higgs-Dellums, psychologist Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant, Kwanzaa stamp designer Synthia Saint James, and American activist Myrlie Evers-Williams.

These illustrated pages cover the entire year including Christmas dinners, Kwanzaa feasts, year-end holiday parties, Ramadan banquets, Black History Month observances, Mardi-Gras bashes, Easter meals, and Juneteenth celebrations.

Also featured are dozens of delicious and adaptable recipes, including Giraumon (Pumpkin Soup), Manchupa (a traditional Cape Verde stew), Haitian-Style Turkey With Creole Sauce, Chicken and Seafood Gumbo, Salmon Cornbread Cobbler, Dirty Rice, Navy Bean Pie, Fruit Trifle, and Mama Helen's Red Velvet Cake.
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African American Celebrations and Holiday Traditions Paperback
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Hardcover $22.50 (plus shipping), Paperback $15.95 (plus shipping)
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"This book is the epitome of how family history, customs, and traditions should be passed along to remind younger generations and inspire kindred spirits and even strangers. As an individual reader, with no personal or cultural ties at all to these customs and traditions, I was totally enchanted by the emotional intensity and celebration of simple pleasures that this book so elegantly and poignantly expressed. From family-created prayers to carefully-crafted holiday displays to recipes (hey - I live in Charleston, South Carolina, the epicenter of the Gullah culture, where we KNOW what good food is!), this book is a cornucopia of the richness of authentic Black culture. Then, on the other hand, as the editor-in-chief of Corinthian Books (I wish we'd had a crack of snagging this book!) I must say that the graphic art design, layout, and typesetting of this book is absolutely world-class. What Antoinette Broussard has done, no one has ever done it better." - Dick Côté

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"Broussard's message to African Americans is vital to everyone. Holiday celebrations are important. Put aside your differences and have a good time."
- San Francisco Chronicle

  "Wonderful recipes and wise recollections to help you plan your best gathering ever."
- Essence Magazine